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6 Babo Ondals - (KOREAN FOLK TALE)

inastral asked: So happy I found your blog!!!! I wish there were more crossover appearances between Infinity Challenge & Running Man! Hyung Don was one of my favourite guests on RM. And I think it would be so amazing to see Hong Chul (who is the master of betrayal/swindling, in my humble opinion), on RM. Here's my light-hearted question: Of those who haven't appeared on both shows, which IC member would you most want to see as a guest on RM? And which RM member would you most want to see as a guest on IC? :)

Aw thanks! I’m so happy too, finally found someone who likes IC. :)

…well, I’d like to see Hong-chul on RM, or Myung-soo? And I’ll pick Kwang-soo because he’s my laughing bomb recently. I think it may be an epic episode of IC.

And lol, it will be a great pleasure for me if they decide to appear on their each show switching all at once. :P

Team killing

How to eat CHOCOLATE: 3 steps
1) Eagerly look at it. 2) Gobble it up. 3) Happy smile.

Flying Woo-bin

jaeful-deactivated20130705 asked: give in~~~ we have cookies <3

may i~? (¬‿¬)

#you made this gifset because you’re secretly a jongbin shipper! #or you have seen way too much on your dash from me lol #anyway I LOVE YOU! #are we looking at the same gifset? #the color is really pretty! #nice and clean #running man #lee jong suk #kim woo bin

Thank you! I actually brust out laughing. omg I’ve been brainwashed. It does make sense XDDD And they were too cute on that episode. lol

onetwoc asked: TAG. You’re it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then, go to your 10 favorite blogs and tell them you’re it <3 if <3 you <3 get <3 five <3 back <3 you <3 must <3 be <3 perfect. <3

Thank you <3 But I doubt whether I can tell 10 facts.

  1. I woke up 10 am today, bc it’s Sunday, yeah.
  2. love hanging out with my friends, but I’m free today, have no particular plans.
  3. couldn’t eat anything today “yet”. But I’m gonna eat something.
  4. Gimbap + Ramen + Kimchi : this combination is always the best for my Sunday lunch.
  5. I watched the preview of today’s RM, they are separated into two teams, Athletic club and Drama club.
  6. I’m done. (I don’t know what to say anymore, lol plus I’m starving. :P)